SharePoint List Column Limits

There are limits in number of columns we can create in a SharePoint list. You may Get "Column Limit Exceeded" when You add a new column to a SharePoint List. This is because of the column limitations.

For SharePoint 2003/2007:
With Windows SharePoint Services, you can create the following numbers of each column type for each list or library:
  •     64 Single line of text and Choice (drop-down menu or radio buttons)
  •     31 Multiple lines of text and Choice (check boxes (allow multiple sections))
  •     32 Number and currency
  •     32 Hyperlink
  •     16 Date and time
  •     16 Lookup
  •     16 Yes/No
  •     8 Calculated
Refer this KB for the limitations on the maximum number of columns we can have:

The above applies to SharePoint 2007 as well, but This is not a hard limit.

For SharePoint 2010 lists Column limits:  
Refer this Technet article:

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