Managed Path Not available in Create Site Collection Page, After Deleting a Root Site collection

Problem Background: Created a new Site collection called "Integration" of collaboration portal template in a New Managed Path. After a while received a mail saying site should be of Team Site template instead of collaboration portal! Huh.. There is no way to change the site collection template with out deleting and re-creating with different template. Luckily, the site collection was created just few Minutes back!

So went ahead and deleted the site collection created and tried creating a new site collection from Central Administration >> Create Site Collection page. Oops, Could not find the managed path in the Managed Path drop down!!

Verified that the Managed path is not used by any of the site collections, from site collection List. Hmmm..What to do? PowerShell? Stsadm? Yeah! Created the site collection with STSADM command line.

stsadm -o createsite -url -owneremail [email protected]  -ownerlogin "Global\salaudeen" -sitetemplate STS#0

And I'm done!

Stsadm Createsite operation Reference:

If you want to create the new site collection in New Database use: Createsiteinnewdb

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