SharePoint Migration Tools Comparison

Disclaimer: By writing this article, I’m not promoting or demoting any SharePoint migration product. This analysis was done in early 2012. Product features may get improved meanwhile. Products are compared in the perspective of the features required for my business scenarios.

I’ve conducted these tests by migrating from our live SPS-2003 and SharePoint 2007 into SharePoint 2010 with all of the tools. We have compared the features/issues/license cost

SharePoint Migration Products Compared
I’ve evaluated below products and methods for my SharePoint migration tools comparison.

  1. Metalogix – Migration Manager for SharePoint
  2. Quest – DELL – Migration Manager for SharePoint
  3. MetaVis – Migrator
  4. Avepoint – DocAve Migrator
  5. Idera – SharePoint migration suite
  6. Database Attachment Method!

What Extra values do these Tools add?
Why do we need a separate product for migration? What can’t be done in out-of-the-box migration or upgrade methods, such as Database attachment/In-place upgrade? Well, it speeds up the migration process and provides these additional functionalities.

  • Migrate directly from SPS 2003 to SharePoint 2010
  • Template Re-Mapping
  • Sub-site to Site collection Promotion and vice versa
  • List Merging/Splitting
  • Incremental Migration
  • Content From DB
  • Link Verification and Correction
  • Migrate Specific Element like users
  • User Re-mapping/Clean-up
  • Compare Sites/Lists

What Features are compared?
I’ve tested these major features during this evaluation:

  • SharePoint 2003/2007 Team sites
  • Wiki Libraries
  • Web part pages
  • Custom web parts
  • Users, Permissions and security
  • Site Templates/List Templates
  • InfoPath Forms
  • Content Types
  • SPD/Nintex workflows
  • Data view web parts

List of items that need manual intervention

  • Site template/List Templates
  • Site definition/List definitions
  • Custom web parts/Third-party solutions
  • Features/Solutions/Event handlers/ User controls
  • Content types/InfoPath Form Libraries
  • Master pages/Themes and style sheets
  • SharePoint Central Administration settings
  • Code or pages in _layouts
  • Un-ghosted pages (Custom List views built with SPD)
  • Workflows(Including SPD workflows, Nintex) 
  • Web.config changes

Comparison Table:

FeatureMetalogixMetavisQuestAvepointIderaAxcelerDB Attach Method
Metadata, Versions MigrationYesYesYesYesYesYes, PartiallyYes
Users and GroupsYesYesYesYesYesYes, PartiallyYes
SecurityYesYes. But replaces with “System” in some placesYes. But replaces with “System” in some placesYesYes. But replaces with “System” in some placesYesYes
Infopath Forms MigrationYes – Only files, Not templateYes – Only files, Not templateYes – Only files, Not templateNoYes – Only files, Not templateYes – Only files, Not templateYes
Custom web parts migrationYes – Custom solution must be deployed in target first!YesYesNoYesNoYes – Custom solution must be deployed in target first!
Custom list viewsYesYesYesNoYesYes, PartiallyYes
SPD workflowsNoYes- But Doesn’t work!Yes- But Doesn’t work!NoYes- But Doesn’t work!NoNo
Content TypesYesYesYesNoYesYes, PartiallyYes
Re-Architecturing(Moving sub-site as site collection and vice versa)No (but has a workaround)YesYesNoYesNoNo (but has a workaround)
split and merge sites, lists; change list locations and site hierarchiesNo (but has a workaround)YesYesNoYesNoNo (but has a workaround)
Comparing SitesYes -LimitedYesNoNoYesNoNo
InterfaceWindows Application. Need to install on Source, Destination.Windows ApplicationWindows ApplicationWeb ApplicationWindows ApplicationWeb ApplicationN/A
Wiki-PagesYesYes -Not updated contentYes -Not updated contentNoNoNoYes
Web Part Pages/Basic pagesYesNoNoNoNoNoYes
Public Folders/FilesNoYesNoNoYesNoNo
Show/Find SharePoint Objects(Web part pages,webparts, Themes, etc)NoYesYesNoYesNoNo
Incremental Migration, Content From DB, Link Verification and Correction, Migrate Specific Element like usersYesNoNoNoNoNoNo
License Cost$9595 for 300 GB

Additional content – $36 per GB
$12960 for 50 GB

$7,600.00 for Additional 100 GB

$17994 for Unlimited
$8424 per Web Front EndNot considered$10,194 for 300 GBNot consideredNot applicable

Conclusion? Compare the features you need, compare the cost, decide the one that fits you.

Salaudeen Rajack

Salaudeen Rajack - SharePoint Expert with Two decades of SharePoint Experience. Love to Share my knowledge and experience with the SharePoint community, through real-time articles!

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  • HOw is the Avepoint compared to others?

  • Have you performed this test more recently as there has been significant improvements on all of these products?

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