Inline Editing in SharePoint 2010 - How to Enable? Not working? Set the Style to Default

Inline Editing feature in SharePoint 2010 provides us an option for editing items in the same page - Same Line, with out going to a separate edit form.

How to enable inline editing SharePoint 2010
Its configured in View's settings. To activate inline editing in SharePoint 2010, Just modify the view of the relevant List or Library.
inline editing sharepoint 2010
and enable the check-box for "Allow Inline Editing".
enable inline editing sharepoint 2010
Once enabled, You will get an Edit icon when you hover over list items.
how to enable inline editing sharepoint 2010
Remember, you can't edit the read-only fields (such as ID, calculated columns, Read only Fields - Created by, Modified, etc) in Inline editing.
sharepoint 2010 inline editing read only column
On clicking edit icon, you will get edit options for all editable controls of the item.
inline editing sharepoint 2010 list

Once done with your edit, you can either save or cancel editing by clicking on relevant button.

Inline Editing Doesn't Work in even after you enable the "Allow Inline Editing" check-box?
Inline editing only works, when you setup the view style to "Default". If you change it to any other style (say: Shaded, Newsletter, Boxed, etc) inline editing will not work!
inline editing sharepoint 2010 not workingMake sure, Your View's Style is: Default!

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  1. Ha, this works, but if you use any grouping, you have to click the edit button, then re-expand the list, then click it again. PITA, if you ask me.


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