Export SharePoint Survey Results to Excel

Requirement: is to consolidate and analyze a SharePoint survey results by exporting the data to Excel Spreadsheet.

Solution: Go to the survey overview page, Export SharePoint survey results to excel by clicking  Actions >> Export to Spreadsheet

Export SharePoint Survey Results to Excel

SharePoint 2010 Survey Export to Spreadsheet missing?

Received end-user support tickets with the complaint: SharePoint 2010 survey export to spreadsheet is missing!

Export to Excel functionality in SharePoint surveys is available under the Overview view only! Not on any other views like Show all Responses (Allitems.aspx) or Graphical Summary view!! So make sure you are on the “Overview” page to export SharePoint survey data to a spreadsheet.

Export to excel menu is missing in SharePoint survey overview view also?
There could be some other factors:

  • We must have Office Application installed on our client machine.
  • Make sure “Client Integration” is enabled for the web application. Go to Central Administration > Application Management > Authentication Providers, select the target web application, and enable Client Integration.
  •  If you modified the overview view, closed the web part, You must restore the closed web part to get “Export to Excel”. Adding survey list doesn’t bring export to excel option!
  • I have seen, export to spreadsheet option is missing in SharePoint 2010 surveys when I customized the Overview.aspx. Also, it happens when I closed the original webpart on overview.aspx. Restoring the closed web part to the page resolves this issue, but adding a survey list to the page doesn’t!! 
  • Make sure, the Overview view is set as default view!

SharePoint survey doesn’t export all columns when you export to excel?
SharePoint 2010 Survey had 50 questions, and when I was trying to export that to spreadsheet, got only 20 questions! To resolve, edited the overview view by clicking site actions >> Edit Page >> Modify Shared Web Part >> Edit Current View >> Check All Questions required)

URL Shortcut to Export to Excel:
Internally, Export to Excel options makes RPC call to owssvr.dll, So, we can directly hit the URL in the browser with List & View GUID parameters:

Syntax: https://sharepoint-site-url/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?CS=65001&Using=_layouts/query.iqy&List={List-GUID}&View={view-GUID}

E.g. https://sharepoint.crescent.com/sites/marketing/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?CS=65001&Using=_layouts/query.iqy&List=%7BF84685F2%2DF803%2D41F0%2D9B05%2D42D2A208FD0F%7D&View=%7B23582AF3%2D7E9D%2D4ADF%2D9F93%2D1A5DEED3A633%7D

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