SharePoint 2010 Keyboard Shortcuts

Did you know we can use keyboard shortcuts in SharePoint 2010? Yes, As part of Accessibility standards, SharePoint 2010 offers keyboard shortcuts.

How to use these shortcuts? Use ALT + [key] and then ENTER (To do click action!)

Here’s the list of useful keyboard shortcuts: [Key] can be:

  •   S – Go to the search box
  •   W – Login drop-down, Shared Documents – Press once again to switch between these items.
  •   X – Skip to main content (hidden)
  •   Y – Skip Ribbon Commands
  •   / – Site Actions Menu
  •   1 – Home
  •   6 – Help
  •   3 – View All Site Content

These shortcut keys are real Timer savers! and my favorite pick is:  ALT+3, ENTER to get “View All Site Content”

There are a lot of other shortcuts, you can use in: Calendar View, Standard toolbar, formatting toolbar, Web Part Page, Web Part Maintenance Page, etc. Find More Shortcuts here:

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