Check Lock Status for All Site Collections in SharePoint

End user came with a compliant: "I'm receiving 'HTTP 403: The Website declined to Show this webpage' in some sites", in an intranet collaboration environment. Ah! This is because: site is locked with "No Access".
403 The Website declined to Show this webpage - SharePoint Site Locks
How to Check Site Lock Status?
  1. You can Navigate to: Central Administration > Application Management > Configure Quotas and Locks to get lock status.
  2. Get Lock status with STSADM
    stsadm -o getsitelock -URL
  3. Retrieve Site lock status with PowerShell:
    Get-SPSite "" | Select ReadOnly,Readlocked,WriteLocked

But for this case, End-user doesn't remember the URL. There are 5000+ site collections. How do I find which site collection has been locked with "No Access"? We have to retrieve lock status for all site collections. PowerShell comes to rescue again:

PowerShell Script to Get Lock status for all Site Collections:
Add-pssnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.Powershell -ErrorAction silentlycontinue

#Get All Site Collections of a web app
$Sites = Get-SPWebApplication "" | Get-SPSite -limit all | foreach {

#Check Lock Status

#No Locks Applied?
if ($_.ReadOnly -eq $false -and $_.ReadLocked -eq $false -and $_.WriteLocked -eq $false) 
$Result ="Unlocked"
#Read-only Lock?
elseif ($_.ReadOnly -eq $true -and $_.ReadLocked -eq $false -and $_.WriteLocked -eq $true) 
$Result = "Read-Only"
#Adding Content Prevented?
elseif ($_.WriteLocked -eq $true -and $_.ReadLocked -eq $false -and $_.ReadOnly -eq $false) 
$Result = "Adding Content Prevented"
#No Access?
elseif ($_.ReadOnly -eq $null -and $_.ReadLocked -eq $null -and $_.WriteLocked -eq $null) 
$Result="No Access"

#Write the Result to CSV file separeted with Tab character
$_.RootWeb.Title +"`t" + $_.URL + "`t" + $Result | Out-File LockStatus.txt -Append


To unlock a site collection use:
Set-SPSite -Identity http://sharepoint-sitecollection-url -LockState Unlock 
Fore more information on SharePoint site locks refer my post: Site Collection Locks in SharePoint

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