Create Send To Connection with PowerShell

In continuation to my post: SharePoint 2010 Configure Send To Connections , If you want to create send to connections programmatically or have multiple send to connections to create, PowerShell can help to automate it:

PowerShell Script to Create Send To Connections:

#Get the Web Application
$WebApp = Get-SPWebApplication ""

$SPOfficialFileHost = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPOfficialFileHost
#Set Send to Options#
#Send to Connection Name
$SPOfficialFileHost.OfficialFileName = "Project Directory"
#Send to Target location
$SPOfficialFileHost.OfficialFileUrl = ""
$SPOfficialFileHost.ShowOnSendToMenu = $true
#Send to Operation
$SPOfficialFileHost.Explanation = "Send to connection for Project submission"

Make sure you activated “Content Organizer” in Send To Target site before proceeding!

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