SharePoint 2010 Search Error: The search request was unable to connect to the Search Service.

After configuring the SharePoint search service application, Got this error message when I attempt to do a search: “The search request was unable to connect to the Search Service”

The search request was unable to connect to the Search Service

I verified search settings, crawl logs and found they are fine. After a while nailed the issue: Search Service proxy association. Fix is simple:

Go to Central Administration >> Manage Web Applications >> Selected your target web application

SharePoint 2010 Web Application Service Connection

Click Service Connections from the ribbon. This will list all connections. Found the search service “Search Service Application ” and was not connected to our web application!

SharePoint service application association

Just ticked the  search service application we configured and we are back to business!

Other Reasons:
Apart from Search service proxy association, There could be many other reasons for this error message:
1. Make sure you have the search service application created, up and running. If not, create a new search service application.

2. SharePoint Server Search Service may be in the stopped state. Go to Services console (services.msc) Make sure “SharePoint Server Search 14” is started. If not just start/restart it. For MOSS 2007, start these search services: Office SharePoint Server Search, Windows SharePoint Services Search.

3. Applicable to MOSS 2007: The SharePoint Server may not be configured to serve search queries

  •     Go to Central Admin
  •     Operations
  •     Services on Server
  •     Office SharePoint Server Search Service Setting
  •     Check “Use this server for serving search queries” check-box.

4. Search content access account might not have enough access rights. Grant read access on Search content access account to the target web application using web application policy.

5. This may due wrong settings in search Core Results web part. Fix or replace it.

6. Make sure the Ports  TCP/UDP 445, 56737 & 56738 in which SharePoint Index & Query servers communicate is open.

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