SharePoint Top Navigation Link: Open in New Window

There was a requirement is to add a link in intranet portal's top navigation bar. Provided on clicking the link, it should open in new window, as the site link added was developed in a different platform & environment other than SharePoint.

If publishing feature is enabled, we can just go to: Site Actions >> Site Settings >> Navigation (Under Look and Feel), Add a New link with "Open link in new window" check-box selected. That's all, We are done with opening top navigation link in new window!
sharepoint navigation hyperlink open new window
However, In the provided site we don't have publishing feature enabled. So, in site settings page, we saw "Top link bar" link instead of "Navigation". Unfortunately, it doesn't provide us an option to open links in new window.
sharepoint top link new window
Here is the Trick to Open SharePoint top navigation link in New Window: JavaScript!
In URL field, just enter: javascript:void('http://your-link.aspx','_blank')) 
open url new window sharepoint 2010
Even javascript:void('http://your-link.aspx')) will work!

In my case, I had to enter:
Same trick can be used to open SharePoint quick launch links in new window.

Follow this post to open SharePoint Link list links to new window: SharePoint Link list: Open in a New Window


  1. Perfect! Many others offered many solutions, but none as good and simple as this. Thanks.

  2. The javascript method doesn't work in SharePoint 2013.

  3. Does anyone know how for Sharepoint 2013??

    1. Disable minimal download strategy and it seems to work: I'm surprised this was so hard to find online.


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