Change "Add New Item" Link Text to something more descriptive

End user's requirement is to change "Add New Item" link text to "Add New Risk Metrics" , so that it will be more meaningful on Risk metrics list.
sharepoint change add new item text
SharePoint 2010 change add new item text
In Content Editor Web Part, Place JavaScript that manipulates Add New Item text. In Detail:

1. Go to the target page >> Site actions>> Edit Page

2. Insert a CEWP just below the list view web part.

3. Place the cursor in CEWP, Click on "Edit HTML Source" link from HTML Ribbon Item's drop down menu.
sharepoint 2010 change add new item text
4. In Content Editor web part enter the script:
<script type="text/javascript">
  document.getElementById("idHomePageNewItem").innerHTML="Add New Risk Metrics"
sharepoint customize add new item link
5. Save the page! see the result in action.
sharepoint change add new item link
Use IE Developer Toolbox or Firefox Firebug to get the ID of similar links in other lists and libraries. E.g. For document library it is: "idHomePageNewDocument"

Remove add new item link SharePoint 2010:
Edit the page and change List view web part's Toolbar Type to "No Toolbar" . If you see add new item link missing sharepoint 2010, change the list view web part's toolbar type to something other than "No Toolbar".

Change new item text in SharePoint 2013:
<script type="text/javascript">
 document.getElementById("idHomePageNewItem").innerHTML="Create New Change Request";


  1. Thanks - that fixed my issue perfectly!

  2. But when we add content editor web part on the page (In SharePoint 2013) we loose Item and List tool bar.
    Can anyone help me on this.
    I don't want to loose item and list tool bar and i want to Change "new discussion" in discussion board list.

  3. Thank you for this. What is the string for FORM Library please?

    1. For Forms Library: idHomePageNewItem-WPQ2 , Document Library: idHomePageNewDocument

  4. Thanks but works fine when only one list is on the page. How to change it for the second or third list?

    1. Hi Michael,

      did you solve it?
      I've the same issue to manage...


  5. Hi I have same issue as Michael Hornef. How do I use this for multiple lists on a single page. Thanks.

  6. does anyone know the string or ID for a discussion board? I cannot find it in my developer tools in IE.


    - Dave

  7. Does anyone know the string or ID for a dicussion board? I cannot find this in my developer tool options.


  8. For the discussion board, try this... "forum0-NewPostLink"

  9. If you use "forum0-NewPostLink as the ID if you click on What's hot, My discussions or Recent the index changes, i.e "forum1-NewPostLink", "forum2-NewPostLink" and so on. Is there another way to change the text of add new discussion where it doesn't rely on the exact ID?


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