Change SharePoint Site Title, Description and Icon (Logo) with PowerShell

Its not necessary to continue with the name and description Administrators provides during the creation of the site, isn't it?  Let's see how we can change SharePoint site's Title, Description and Icon (Logo) from SharePoint Interface as well as using PowerShell.

How to Change Logo from SharePoint Web Interface?
Go to Site Actions >> Site settings >> Click on Title, description, and icon Link under "Look and Feel", Change the name and description as per your requirements!
Change SharePoint Site Title, Description and Icon with PowerShell
Change SharePoint Site Title, Description and Icon with PowerShell
#Get the Web
$Web= Get-SPWeb "" 

#Set the Title & Description
$Web.Title = "Marketing Portal" 
$Web.Description = "Marketing Portal" 

#You can change the Quick Launch/Treeview navigation also (If its not a Publishing site):
$Web.TreeViewEnabled = $True 

#Update the changes

How to Change Logo in SharePoint 2010 Site
When we create SharePoint sites, it comes with a default logo image from: /_layouts/images/siteIcon.png(SharePoint applies this logo when LogoURL property is empty!) .We can change it to reflect our own branding, so that it can be easily recognized. I needed to apply new logo for all SharePoint sites during a corporate re-branding project.

Instead of manual way, I want to do this change with PowerShell script to update all site collection's Logo icons. Here is my quick PowerShell script to apply and verify the logo for all SharePoint sites:

#Get the Site
$web = Get-SPWeb ""

#Set Site Logo Icon
$web.SiteLogoUrl = ""

#Set Logo Description
$web.SiteLogoDescription = "Corporate Logo for Your Company"

#To Set Alternate CSS URL, Use:
#$Web.AlternateCssUrl = "/_layouts/1033/styles/CustomStyles.css

#Update the changes

Logo can be from any SharePoint Library (such as Assets Library), Make sure all users have read access to the Logo file. Or it can be from 14 Hive's Images Folder (Recommended!) "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\IMAGES".Once uploaded, We can refer it by providing URL: /_layouts/images/YourLogo.png

Important: When you place Logo Inside Images folder, Make sure its inheriting security (Go to Logo file's Properties >> Security >> Advanced >> Make sure "Include Inheritable Permissions from this object's Parent" is selected. If not, Click on "Change Permissions" button and enable "Include Inheritable Permissions from this object's Parent")! otherwise, End-users may get Log-on prompts and page may stop loading.
If you have multiple servers in your farm, You must upload this Logo image in each Web Front End Server!

To Get Logo Information of entire web application:
Get-SPWebApplication "" | Get-SPSite | Get-SPWeb | 
 foreach { "Site "+ $_.Url + " Logo URL: " +  $_.SiteLogoUrl }

To Change Logo For All Sites in a Web Application:
Get-SPWebApplication "" | Get-SPSite | Get-SPWeb | 
  foreach { $_.SiteLogoUrl = "/_layouts/Images/Corp-Logo.png"; $_.Update() }

To Change Logo for All sites in a Site Collection:
Get-SPSite "" | Get-SPWeb | 
   foreach { $_.SiteLogoUrl = "/_layouts/Images/Corp-Logo.png"; $_.Update() }

Ideally, Its a best practice to apply Logos as part of Branding.


  1. Very useful! Thank you!

  2. It was very helpfull!

    I have one scenario where i have to replace existing title of the site with existing site description using powershell ?

    Something like $web.Title = Sweb. Description

    1. Yes! That should work. Use:

      $Web= Get-SPWeb ""
      $Web.Title = $web.Description


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