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4 thoughts on “Change SharePoint Site Title, Description and Icon (Logo) with PowerShell

  • Hello Salaudeen, your content is amazing, thank you for contributing so much with our SharePoint community.

    I have a question, if I set up a logo and inherit it to all subsites of my collection as you showed above, but after some time the management change their mind and want to get back to the old initial letters logo for each subsite, is there a way to reverse this logo inheritance and get back with the initial letters of each subsite name?

  • It was very helpfull!

    I have one scenario where i have to replace existing title of the site with existing site description using powershell ?

    Something like $web.Title = Sweb. Description

    • Yes! That should work. Use:

      $Web= Get-SPWeb “”
      $Web.Title = $web.Description

  • Very useful! Thank you!


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