SharePoint Top Navigation, Quick Launch Flyout Menu

By default, SharePoint enables top navigation Fly out Menus when Publishing Feature is enabled. Other Site templates like Team Sites doesn’t come up with top navigation flyout menus. However we can enable top navigation flyout menus by adjusting few parameters in master page.

Open the Master page in SharePoint designer, set StaticDisplayLevels” to 1, MaximumDynamicDisplayLevelsto 3, accordingly either in design view or in code view. Save and publish the master page.
sharepoint 2010 navigation flyout menu

This is also applicable when we use custom site map providers for Top navigation! Here is an example of the SharePoint 2010 top navigation drop-down menu.

sharepoint 2010 top navigation drop down menu
Flyout Quick Launch Menu

Same trick works on SharePoint quick launch navigation as well to bring flyout menus. Adjust the “StaticDisplayLevels” and “MaximumDynamicDisplayLevels” values based on the navigation depth accordingly. (say: 1)

And the output goes like this:


sharepoint 2010 quick launch flyout menu

After the change, SharePoint 2010 quick launch flyout menu appears as:sharepoint flyout quick launch

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