How to Change Central Administration Port in SharePoint?

Changing Central Administration Port in SharePoint isn’t a frequent task, but you may have to do it in some situations:

  1. Perhaps during SharePoint installation, the Central Administration Web site may be established with a random port, and you want to change it now.
  2. It was assigned with a port number which is prone to cause port conflicts, 
  3. Some other programs (such as backup software) wants to use the port assigned to Central Admin 
  4. Your organization’s IT Policy doesn’t allow to host the site on the particular port, etc.

Anyway, If you want to change the central administration port number in SharePoint 2010, there is no web interface available! But we have these methods to change the port of central administration:

Option 1: The simplest way to Change Central Admin Port is – PowerShell

To change the central administration port in SharePoint 2010 or in SharePoint 2013, use the PowerShell cmdlet: Set-SPCentralAdministration

Set-SPCentralAdministration -port <Port Number>

Change central administration port in SharePoint 2010
The above cmdlet allows ports between 1023 and 32767 and blocks any other ports (Port 443 is not allowed). You will get an “Invalid Port” error message if you try some other port that doesn’t fall under these criteria.

While the above cmdlet helps change SharePoint 2010 central administration port and for SharePoint 2013, In MOSS 2007 we have the same old Stsadm tool!

Option 2: Use Stsadm to change Central Admin Port in SharePoint:

If you still want to use the port which is not supported by the Set-SPCentralAdministration or if you are running SharePoint 2007, you got to use the same old STSADM command-line tool.

Stsadm -o setadminport -port <PortNumber>
 How to change SharePoint 2013 central administration port
Once you get “Operation completed successfully.” you can access the Central Admin in New port.

Not sure, in which port central admin is hosted? sure, run stsadm.exe -o getadminport command if you want to get the current port of central administration. Both the PowerShell cmdlet and STSADM command updates everything including IIS Bindings, all the shortcuts.

Option 3: Re-run SharePoint Product Configuration Wizard

You can also change port by run the SharePoint Product & Technologies Configuration Wizard (Psconfigui.exe)

Change central administration port in SharePoint 2013

If you want to change the URL for SharePoint Central Administration site, Refer: Distribute and Load Balance Central Admin

Technet Reference: Change the Central Administration Web site port number

Want to find which ports are being used by the server? Use “Netstat -a” command in command prompt. This will give you the ports already in use!

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