Audience Targeting Missing in SharePoint 2010?

Audience Targeting feature in SharePoint 2010 targets content (pages, Web Parts, documents, list items and content) to audiences. Audiences may consists of SharePoint Groups, Security groups, distribution-lists or Global Audience groups which are compiled in Central Administration.

Audience targeting missing in SharePoint 2010?
Audience Targeting will not be enabled on lists & libraries by default! You must turn it ON by going to List Settings >> Audience Targeting Settings >> Enable audience targeting to turn audience targeting ON in SharePoint 2010.

sharepoint 2010 audience targeting

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Here are the reasons & solutions for SharePoint 2010 audience targeting missing:

1. Enable audience targeting in SharePoint 2010 Site Collection
Go to Site Actions >> Site Setting >> Click on “Site collection navigation” >> under Site Collection Administration >> Make sure “Enable Audience targeting” is checked.

Audience Targeting Missing in SharePoint 2010
2. Audience Targeting feature is depending on the SharePoint Publishing feature.

Go to Site Settings >> Site collection features >> SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure” Activate publishing feature on your site collection.

3. For Audience Targeting, We need “User Profile Service Application”! So make sure the user profile service application is provisioned and running. Check the status of “User Profile Service” and “User Profile Synchronization Service” . Verify the UPSA is associated with your Web Application, by going to:

  • Central Administration >> Application Management 
  • Manage Web Applications >> Highlight Your Web Application 
  • Service Connections >> Make sure User Profile Service Application is checked.

Restart IIS!

This fixes the SharePoint 2010 web part audience targeting missing issue.

BTW, Global Audience groups compiled in Central Administration from Individual users, Distribution List members, or based on the User’s Active Directory Properties (such as Skills, Location, Department, etc).

sharepoint 2010 audience targeting central admin

In MOSS 2007, I had the similar issues long back, where the cause was: Shared Service Provider isn’t created or associated with the particular web application.

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