Print SharePoint Listview Web Part using JavaScript

Requirement is to Print a SharePoint List view web part with JavaScript.

Solution: Found this code somewhere on the Technet Forums: Place this code in a CEWP, This will add a “Print” button, on clicking the button, Script fetches the list view web part, place it in a new window and sends to Print.

<INPUT type="button" onclick="javascript:void(printwebpart('WebPartWPQ2'))" value="Print"/>

<script type="text/javascript">
function printwebpart(webpartid)
  var WebPartElementID = webpartid;
  var bolWebPartFound = false;

if (document.getElementById != null)
  //Create html to print in new window
  var PrintingHTML = '<html>\n<head>\n';

 //Take data from Head Tag

  if (document.getElementsByTagName != null)
  var HeadData= document.getElementsByTagName("HEAD");

  if (HeadData.length > 0)
  PrintingHTML += HeadData[0].innerHTML;

  PrintingHTML += '\n</HEAD>\n<BODY>\n';
 var WebPartData = document.getElementById(WebPartElementID);

 if (WebPartData != null)
  PrintingHTML += WebPartData.innerHTML;
  bolWebPartFound = true;
   bolWebPartFound = false; alert ('Cannot Find Web Part'); 
  PrintingHTML += '\n</BODY>\n</HTML>';
  //Open new window to print

  if (bolWebPartFound)
   var PrintingWindow ="","PrintWebPart", "toolbar,width=800,height=600,scrollbars,resizable,menubar");;

   // Open Print Window


Print SharePoint Listview Web Part using JavaScript

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2 thoughts on “Print SharePoint Listview Web Part using JavaScript

  • Thanks for the nice post.

    Mahmood Algoul – Comment the below line and see how it works in IE. I found that this one won’t work in Chrome.

  • Nice article, but for SPS 2013 it keep closing pop up window automatically.


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