SharePoint 2010 Rating Feature Configuration – How to Activate? Fix Ratings not Updating Issue

Rating feature was introduced in SharePoint 2010, It helps to rate Lists, Documents, Pages on a SharePoint site.

How To Enable SharePoint 2010 Rating Setting?

To setup SharePoint 2010 rating configuration, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to your SharePoint site and then Target list or document library where you want Ratings to be enabled.
  • Go to the list settings, Click on “Rating Settings” under the “General Settings” section

    sharepoint 2010 rating document library
  • Enable “Allow items in this list to be rated” and click OK. This will add rating columns to SharePoint 2010 list/library.
    sharepoint 2010 enable rating feature
  • Now you will see two new columns: the Ratings (0-5) and the Number of Ratings under the Columns section of list settings.
    sharepoint 2010 list rating column
  • Go to the list items view, You can set the ratings inline or edit a list item/document and set the  rating for the item by simply mouse over the stars in the Rating(0-5) column and set the ratings as needed. (You need Edit permissions, BTW)sharepoint 2010 how to enable rating

The next time the service timer job responsible for this social feature runs, the rating scale and number will reflect the results

SharePoint 2010 Ratings not working?

So you rated a List item or a document, but upon refresh, found SharePoint 2010 ratings not updating? Ratings not saved? But when you mouse over the rating icons, SharePoint gives the previously selected rating in a tooltip. Well, that’s confusing most of the users!

This is due to: By default the Timer Jobs listed below, related to Rating service is set to run for every hour!
rating in sharepoint 2010 not working
Once ratings given to an item then it’ll be stored in database. When the ratings are all gathered together it will show the average ratings, not just your ratings. When the page is refreshed, if the data hasn’t been analyzed yet by SharePoint via the below timer jobs, the ratings will be blank or old! This is how ratings work in SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint 2010 rating timer jobs
Rating values are compiled by these timer jobs

  1. User Profile Service Application – Social Data Maintenance Job
  2. User Profile Service Application – Social Rating Synchronization Job

By default, This timer job is scheduled to run every 1 Hour. You can run these timer jobs on-demand by clicking “Run Now” or change the “Recurring Schedule” as required. Here is how – Go to: Central Administration >> Monitoring >> Timer Jobs >> Review Job Definition >> and select the above timer jobs.

Click on “Run Now”. our convenience and testing, schedule both these jobs to run every 1 min as shown below.

sharepoint 2010 rating timer job

As you hover over the ratings stars they light up, and then you just click to select your rating and record your vote,  users can see the average ratings  (Blue Stars) after the timer job run.
sharepoint 2010 rating documents
If a user giving rating which he already given, then his previous rating will be discarded and new selection only getting considered.

SharePoint 2010 rating settings not available? Here is how to activate rating feature:
Don’t have “Rating Settings” appear on lists/libraries settings? Enable Rating feature to fix SharePoint 2010 rating settings missing issue:

Enable-SPFeature Ratings -url https://site-collection-url
Rating feature is available only with SharePoint Server 2010 and not with the SharePoint Foundation Services!

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3 thoughts on “SharePoint 2010 Rating Feature Configuration – How to Activate? Fix Ratings not Updating Issue

  • Hi
    Thanks for nice post. I followed the step and it is working fine in test environment but when try to configured in production environment I am facing issue when clicking the rating option in library setting. The error is “The resource object with key ‘Ratings_ListSettingTitle’ was not found.”.
    Kindly advise.

  • Hi.. is there any way to generate report for Ratings on specific list/library or library ?
    title | display username | how many stars |

  • Hi Rajack

    We have to implement Rating functionality in document library in Sharepoint 2013. I have enabled this by Rating settings of library (…). However we are using custom xslt to display library on the page.
    I have followed below url to display rating in xslt, now problem is that star images and javascript is not called on cick and mousehover.Morover, on further trouble shoot i found that image Src is coming blank.…

    Error screenshot:attached

    Any help on this is much appreciated.



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