Content Editor Web Part Content Link Redirect - 404 Page Not Found Error

Problem: A particular SharePoint site's Home page URL leads to 404 page not found error. While all other pages were working without any issues, On hitting the Home page URL, observed its redirecting to some other URL which doesn't exists!

Root cause:
Usually these kind of redirects are placed in CEWP using JavaScript. So, opened the page in SharePoint designer, tried locating the script, But could not find any such things.

After an hour, found the problem. Actually user has placed a content editor web part and set the "content link" as an external web site's URL. That external web site URL was redirecting to some other URL on page load, which altered the actual SharePoint site URL. See the screen above:
Solution: Simple! Delete the content editor web part with "Content link" pointing to a site, which redirects! just append ?contents=1 to the SharePoint site URL and close/delete the web part in Web part maintenance page.

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