"Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" on Accessing SharePoint Central Admin

Problem: SharePoint 2010 central administration site stopped working after a reboot and gave "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" on trying to access!
sharepoint 2010 central administration internet explorer cannot display the webpage

SharePoint central admin page cannot displayed error could be caused since Central Administration service is in disabled state! Lets troubleshoot by checking Central Administration service status with PowerShell:
$CA = Get-SPServiceInstance | Where-Object {$_.TypeName -eq `Central Administration'}
write-host $CA.status 

Got "Disabled" as Central Administration Service Status! No issues, Lets start the service:
Get-SPServiceInstance | Where-Object {$_.TypeName –eq ‘Central Administration’} |  Start-SPServiceInstance -Confirm
Wait till it comes to "Online" Status. That's all! We've fixed SharePoint 2010 central administration page cannot be displayed issue.
sharepoint central administration cannot display webpage

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