SharePoint 2010 Visual Upgrade – FAQs

What is Visual Upgrade in SharePoint 2010?
Lets understand visual upgrade in SharePoint 2010. In short: It’s a feature introduced in SharePoint 2010 to ease up transition from MOSS 2007 user interface to SharePoint 2010 UI. When sites migrated from MOSS 2007 using database attach method, They will be using the v3 interface by default and we got to update it.

sharepoint visual upgrade all sites

SharePoint 2010 Visual Upgrade to all Sites:
To apply visual upgrade on a single site, Navigate to:

  • Site Actions >>Site Settings 
  • Click on “Title, Description, and Icon”, Choose the Visual Upgrade option to : Update the user interface and click on OK. 

Clicking on “Site Actions >> Visual Upgrade” also will lead to the same URL (/_layouts/prjsetng.aspx)

sharepoint visual upgrade site collection

To visual upgrade entire site collection (all sites):

  • Navigate to Site Actions >> Site Settings 
  • Click on “Visual Upgrade” link under Site collection Administration >> Click on “Upgrade All Sites” button.
    sharepoint 2010 visual upgrade all subsites

SharePoint 2010 visual upgrade all sites with PowerShell: We can apply visual upgrade programmatically with PowerShell. Here is my article on SharePoint 2010 visual upgrade using PowerShell script: Visual upgrade all sites in a site collection

Visual Upgrade options missing?
Remember, it’s available only on sites migrated/upgraded from SharePoint 2007 and Not for sites created in SharePoint 2010 itself. Also, once sites are upgraded to SharePoint 2010 look and feel, Visual upgrade options will disappear!

sharepoint visual upgrade not available

Also, If you clicked on “Hide Visual Upgrade” button from Site collection administration, that hides visual upgrade options from Site settings menu as well as from “Title, Description, Icon” link under site settings. It removes Visual upgrade notification as well. We can enable it back with PowerShell. By default, Its not available on sites created in SharePoint 2010.

Visual Upgrade Buttons Disabled (Greyed out)?
Its available only on sites migrated/upgraded from SharePoint 2007 and Not for sites created in SharePoint 2010 itself. Both of the buttons “Hide Visual Upgrade” and “Update All Sites”  under Visual Upgrade page (/_layouts/suppux.aspx) disabled in site collections created in SharePoint 2010.

sharepoint visual upgrade grayed out

Hide Visual Upgrade Options
In SharePoint 2010, We can remove visual upgrade options by going to Site Settings >> Visual Upgrade under Site Collection Administration >> Click on the “Hide Visual Upgrade” button.

Enable Visual Upgrade Options
If visual upgrade options missing due to any of the reasons discussed above, We can bring it back with PowerShell. Here is how to enable it for single site (subsite or rootsite):

#Get the Web
$Web = Get-SPWeb https://Site-url

#Enable Visual Upgrade

To enable Visual Upgrade on Entire Site collection with PowerShell script:

#Get the site collection
$Site = Get-SPsite https://SiteCollection-url

# enable visual upgrade on sites with powershell
foreach($Web in $Site.AllWebs)

Getting access is denied during visual upgrade?
You may get access denied error during visual upgrade when your site collections are locked or the Database is in read-only mode. Check database status from SQL Server management studio. To Unlock any site collections, use: Set-SPSite -Identity <Site-collection-url> -LockState Unlock For more info on the site collection locks, refer: Site Collection Locks in SharePoint 2010

Visual Upgrade Rollback
So you upgraded to SharePoint 2010 UI and want to reverse visual upgrade? Sure, We can rollback SharePoint visual upgrade and revert to MOSS 2007 user interface using this PowerShell script.

#Get the site collection
$Site = Get-SPsite https://SiteCollection-url

#Enable Visual upgrade on Each site
foreach($web in $site.AllWebs)
    $web.UIVersion = 3  #set the UI version to SharePoint 2007 look and feel

How do I Visual  Upgrade All Site Collections using PowerShell:
To convert all SharePoint 2007 sites UI to SharePoint 2010:

Get-SPSite | foreach-object {$_.VisualUpgradeWebs()}

Get Visual Upgrade Status:
To verify SharePoint 2010 sites visual upgrade status, we can get the status for all sites under given site collection with PowerShell:

$site = Get-SPSite https://sitecoll-url

#Get Visual Upgrade Status for all sites
$site.GetVisualReport()  | Format-Table

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