How to Change SharePoint Web Application Port?

While extending existing SharePoint web application to change its port is one option, there is an another workaround to change port of SharePoint web applications (Applies to both SharePoint 2010 / SharePoint 2007).

How to change SharePoint web application port number?

We can change the port of a SharePoint web application, by performing these two steps:

  1. Change IIS Bindings
  2. Edit Alternate Access Mapping

So, here is the scenario: We have a SharePoint 2010 web application running on port 85 at URL:, and would like to change the port from 85 to 80 to support publishing it over the internet.

how to change sharepoint web application port number

Step 1: Change IIS Bindings:

  • Go to IIS Manager, Expand the “Sites” node
  • Right click on your target web application >> choose “Edit Bindings”
    change sharepoint 2010 web application port number
  • Select the bindings associated, Click on “Edit” 
    change web application port in sharepoint 2010
  • Change the port from 85 to 80 and update the bindings.

Step 2: Edit Alternate Access Mapping:

  • Open Central Administration >> System Settings >> Alternate Access Mapping
  • Select the target web application 
  • Click on “Edit Public URL” and change the Default zone URL from: to
    change port of sharepoint 2010 web application
  • Click “OK” to save changes. That’s all! We’ve changed SharePoint web application port number from 85 to 80.

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