Backup and Restore (Export-Import) Lists in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell

Requirement: Backup and restore a SharePoint 2013 list between sites.

Solution: While saving a list as template, including its content is one solution, it doesn’t work for lists larger  than 50 MB! So, follow below steps to export-import lists in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell.

Export a SharePoint list using PowerShell:

Use Export-SPWeb cmdlet with ItemURL parameter to export a SharePoint list.

Export-SPWeb <Site URL> -Itemurl  <Relative path of List or Library> -path <Backup-path>


Export-SPWeb "" -itemurl "/Lists/Invoice" -path "D:\Invoice.bak"

You can also export a SharePoint list from SharePoint 2013 central administration site.

  • Central Administration >> Backup and Restore >> Export a site or list export and import list in sharepoint 2013

Restore (Import) SharePoint lists using PowerShell:

Now, to import lists to SharePoint 2013, use: Import-SPWeb cmdlet

Import-SPWeb "" -Path "D:\Invoice.bak"

TechNet Articles: Import-SPWeb, Export-SPWeb

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