Backup and Restore (Export-Import) Lists in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell

Requirement: Backup and restore a SharePoint 2013 list between sites.

Solution: While saving a list as template, including its content is one solution, it doesn't work for lists larger  than 50 MB! So, follow below steps to export-import lists in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell.

Export a SharePoint list using PowerShell:
Use Export-SPWeb cmdlet with ItemURL parameter to export a SharePoint list.

Export-SPWeb <Site URL> -Itemurl  <Relative path of List or Library> -path <Backup-path>

Export-SPWeb "" -itemurl "/Lists/Invoice" -path "D:\Invoice.bak"

You can also export a SharePoint list from SharePoint 2013 central administration site.
  • Central Administration >> Backup and Restore >> Export a site or list export and import list in sharepoint 2013
Restore (Import) SharePoint lists using PowerShell:
Now, to import lists to SharePoint 2013, use: Import-SPWeb cmdlet
Import-SPWeb "" -Path "D:\Invoice.bak"

TechNet Articles: Import-SPWeb, Export-SPWeb

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  1. Hi...I am facing issue while using the import command for the list having more than 5000 items. While using this command..only the structure of the list gets created while the data is not imported


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