Column Default Value Settings based on Location in SharePoint 2013

While its possible to set default values for SharePoint columns in library level at field settings, What if you want to set the default column value of a document based on the folders its saved? SharePoint 2010/2013 provides a new feature to set metadata values based on the location!
Tips: In short, We can apply default value to specific metadata column of the document, based on the specific folder where the document is stored in a document library!

How to Set Default Metadata from Document Location?
Say, We've a document library with "Department" column and with few folders namely "Sales", "Marketing", "IT", etc. as in this screen.
Set Default Metadata from Document Location in SharePoint 2013 and we want to the metadata field "Department" value based on the location.

Set Column Default Value Settings in SharePoint 2013
  • Go to List / Library settings >> Click on Column default value settings in SharePoint
  • Click on the desired metadata column link of the respective folder(s)Set Column default value settings in SharePoint 2010
  • and set the value for it
When users upload a new document to different folders, the "Department" field gets value from this setting automatically.

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