How to Add Promoted Search Results using Query Rules in SharePoint 2013?

We can promote search results based on specific search phrases entered by end-users in SharePoint 2013. The promoted results will appear on the top of the search results. As best bets/visual best bets are replaced with “Query Rules” in SharePoint 2013, this is a powerful way to promote search results within SharePoint 2013 to bring forward specific results to the users.

Scenario: Say, We have a dedicated site for HR Policies with all Human Resources related content and want to bring this site on top of search results when user types search query as “HR Policies” or “HR Policy”.

How to Add Promoted Search Results in SharePoint 2013 (AKA – Best Bets)?

Assuming Search Service Application is configured up and running, Navigate to SharePoint 2013 Central Administration Site:

  1. Central Administration >> Application Management >> Manage Service Applications
  2. Click on the “Search Service Application” link, Which takes you to the Search Administration page.promoted search results sharepoint 2013
  3. Click on the “Query Rules” link from the left navigation.
    configure best bets sharepoint 2013
  4. SharePoint 2013 Query Rules section seems a bit confusing at the first look.
    best bets sharepoint 2013 search
  5. Select a Result Source as “Local SharePoint Results” and click on the “New Query Rule” link.
    Add new Promoted Search Result in SharePoint 2016
  6. Give a Rule Name. Say, “HR Policies”. Under Query conditions select “Query Matches Keyword Exactly” and enter phrases as “HR Policies; HR Policy”. Under the “Actions” section, click on the “Add Promoted Results” Link.
    Create Promoted Search Results in SharePoint 2016
  7. Provide promoted result specifications, such as Result Title, URL, Description. Click on Save” button once done. Promoted results also can point to any document, list/library item as well.
    How to Add Promoted Search Results in SharePoint 2013
  8. Optionally, You can enable publishing based on dates (When should the rule be active?)
    sharepoint 2016 promoted search result
  9. Click the “Save” button on the promoted results page and in the Query Rules Page.

Lets see the result: See the Promoted Results in action. See that the “HR Policies” appears on Top!
How to Add Promoted Search Results using Query Rules in SharePoint 2013

Tips: Promoted results can be set as Site/Site collection level too!
add best bets sharepoint 2013

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