SharePoint 2013 Share Functionality – FAQs

Sharing functionality was newly introduced in SharePoint 2013, To enable non-administrators to easily make access requests either for themselves or to someone else. Its more or like an invitation to join the site.

SharePoint 2013 share a site:
To Share any site, Click on “Share” button in top right corner, type names of people you want to share with, and hit enter. That’s it, you’re done!

What is "Share" in SharePoint 2013?

Share feature available to all users, provided Out-going Email settings are configured for the Farm in Central Admin and Access request settings are enabled for the site. When access request feature is disabled, only site administrators get the “Share” button.

Although Sharing link is available to all users, User’s who has “Manage Permission rights” can actually Share the Site (Provide access to the site). All others request s are routed to the admin for approval. Here is the Pop-up window on clicking Share link, for a user with Mange permissions access rights.

Share feature in SharePoint 2013

For users without Grant permission access rights, Sharing popup appears like this: (Note that there is no “Permission Level” to choose.)

SharePoint 2013 Share Functionality

On clicking “Share” button, it triggers an Access request to site admin configured in Access request E-mail.

sharing request sent to the site owner for approval

How to remove the share button in SharePoint 2013?
Share functionality is depending on “Access Request” feature of SharePoint. To disable share function in SharePoint 2013, Follow these steps:

  1. Go to : Site settings >> Click on “Site Permissions” under users and permissions 
  2. Click on “Access Request Settings” from Permission tab of the ribbon
  3. Un-check “Allow access requests” check box and click “OK” to save your changes. This hides share button!

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