Copy Files to SharePoint Servers Remotely using PowerShell

During a branding project, We had to deploy a logo file every time to all SharePoint servers by individually logging in to them and copy pasting given file to all SharePoint 2013 server's 15 hive. Wanted to do a bit automation with PowerShell here. Let the PowerShell do Copy-Paste for us.

PowerShell script to copy files to Servers:
$LogoPath = "D:\Branding\crescent-logo.png" 

#Define Array with List of servers
$WFEServers = ("G1V-SPS13001", "G1V-SPS13002", "G1V-SPS13003", "G1V-SPS13004", "G1V-SPS13005")

foreach ($Server in $WFEServers)
      #Destination path
      $Destination = "\\$Server\C$\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\IMAGES\crescent-logo.png"

      #Copy File from local to destination
      Copy-Item $LogoPath $Destination

      write-host "Copied to Server:"$Server
You can run this script from your workstation. Just make sure the account in which you are running this script has Admin access on all of the servers listed.

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