SharePoint 2013 “Get Started with your site” Web Part – FAQs

“Getting Started” tiles are new addition to SharePoint 2013 team sites. These tiles intend to provide shortcuts to common actions, such as sharing your site, applying a theme. In SharePoint 2013, They replaces the “Getting Started” links from its previous version: SharePoint 2010.

sharepoint 2013 getting started web part

Disable Getting Started Web Part:
From the home page you can remove this web part by simply clicking on “REMOVE THIS” link as shown in the above image. But it remains in the gallery in the event you would like to have it added back to the site. Just edit the page >> Insert >> Web Part >> Choose “Getting Started with your site” under “Media and Content” group, to add it back to your home page.

You can also find “Getting Started” link which is pointing to “GettingStarted.aspx” page under site action menu in SharePoint 2013.

sharepoint 2013 get started with your site customize

This feature is automatically activated with the team site in SharePoint 2013. You can disable Getting Started menu item by going to Site Actions >> Site Settings >> Manage Site Features >> Deactivate “Getting Started” feature.

 sharepoint 2013 getting started web part edit

Disabling this feature removes the “Getting Started” link from the site actions menu in SharePoint 2013, but doesn’t remove “Get Started with Your Site” from the home page. If you try to activate this feature again, it adds the “Getting Started” web part to GettingStarted.aspx page one more time. So, activating and deactivating this feature just makes the page clumsy. Probably we can call it as a BUG? You can edit the page and remove unwanted web parts from it If you would like to.

sharepoint 2013 get started with your site web part customize

Customize get started web part in SharePoint 2013
Want to customize get started web part in SharePoint 2013? You can create new promoted tiles web part add to home page. Here is how: Create Custom Promoted Link Tiles in SharePoint 2013

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