“New Folder” Option Missing/Disabled in SharePoint List/Library?

So in your SharePoint 2007 List or library not getting the “New Folder” option? Or the “New Folder” ribbon button is disabled in SharePoint 2013 or in SharePoint 2010? Well, Here is the fix: Go to

  • List/Library  Settings >> Advanced Settings 
  • Make sure the “Display ‘New Folder’ command on New menu?” option is marked “Yes”.
  • Click on “Save” to commit your changes.

The same thing goes with SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 also.
New Folder button disabled in sharepoint 2010, 2013
Why Still New Folder is disabled in SharePoint 2007/2010/2013?
You enabled the above option to make “New Folder” enabled, but still “New Folder” button is disabled? Well, in addition to the above settings, There is one more thing to look at is: View Settings!! Head-in to view settings, If the option to show items without folders, then the “New Folder” button will be disabled in SharePoint!

new folder disabled in sharepoint

Just make it to “Show Items inside folders” to get New Folder option in SharePoint.

Salaudeen Rajack

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5 thoughts on ““New Folder” Option Missing/Disabled in SharePoint List/Library?

  • Hi,
    In Sharepoint 2016, I have a page where library webpart is added. I added a code from this page to hide the ribbon on the page.


    The ribbon is hidden for users but is displayed for admin. Great.

    Users can add files. How can users add a new folder with the ribbon is hidden?

  • thank you, that works

  • Cannot find this on 2016

    • Yes! Its not available on certain list templates. Available in List templates like “Custom List”.


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