Manage My Site “Promoted Sites” in SharePoint 2013 / 2016

As the name indicates, SharePoint 2013 promoted sites provide a way to list important sites to the user community. These promoted sites appear under the “Sites” section of the user’s My Site.

For promoted sites to work, we need user profile service application up and running(Obviously, we need SharePoint server at least, as UPA is not available in foundation version!)

How to manage promoted sites in SharePoint?

Farm Administrators can manage these “Promoted Sites” via user profile service application. Here is how to manage promoted sites in SharePoint 2013: Say, we promote a training site.

  • Navigate to Central Administration >> Go to your User profile service application via the service application link
  • Click on the “Manage Promoted Sites” link under “My Sites Settings”sharepoint 2013 promoted sites
  • Click on “New Link” 
  • Fill in the details of your new promoted sitesharepoint 2013 mysite promoted sites

That’s all. Now, when users click on the “Sites” link from the suite bar, they’ll get the promoted site listed.

sharepoint 2013 manage promoted sites

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