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I explored various methods to make the SharePoint link list to open in a new window at SharePoint Link list: Open in a New Window, while the methods discussed in the article are applicable for SharePoint 2013 too, there is one more: using calculated columns! Let’s drill down in detail with SharePoint 2013 to make links to open in a new window.

Here is the idea: Create a new custom list and make these changes to the list.

  1. Rename “Title” field to “Link Title”
  2. Add a field “Link URL” of a single line of text
  3. Add a field “New Window” of choice with “Yes”, “No”
    SharePoint 2013 Links List Open in New Window
  4. Add a calculated field of “Number” type with the formula:
    =CONCATENATE(“<DIV><a href='”,[Link URL],IF([New Window]=”Yes”,”‘ target=’_blank’ “,”‘”),”>”,[Link Title],”</a></DIV>”)
    open sharepoint link list item new window

Now, the list should look like:

sharepoint 2013 open link in new window

So now, When you add new entries to the SharePoint list, set the choice field to “Yes” to make SharePoint links to open in a new tab.

SharePoint 2013 open link in new tab

This method of opening SharePoint links to new window works on any version of SharePoint including SharePoint Online!

Update: In SharePoint Online links in calculated fields stays as text, instead of Hyperlink! Here is the fix! SharePoint Online: Format Calculated Column as Hyperlink

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10 thoughts on “SharePoint Links List Open in New Window

  • I can use a similar method and it works fine on my desktop, but when I try to open a link like this on mobile it always tries to edit the item instead of opening the link. Any ideas?

  • Doesn’t work in SharePoint Online or i am not following the steps correctly

  • This is working – EXCEPT, the new page is truly “Blank Page”. I suspect the following quotation marks after the ‘blank. Suggestions? =CONCATENATE(““,[Link Title],”“) (Had to modify the DIV & target command so this could be posted)

  • I used same exact thing but no luck so far. What I see under the link field is a text comprised of my url and my Link title. I suspect there’s somehting wrong on the single and double quotation usage. FYI: my system is SharePoint Online 365. Thanks

    • Where you able to solution the SharePoint issue: “Open in new window, linking to a calculated column’? I do get the new window, but not with my link. It literally states, “BlankPage”. I too suspect the double quotation, but my experiments haven’t been successful. Thank you!


  • Is there a way to have the url links open in a new browser window rather than a new tab?

    Client wants documents to open in a window so they can resize them to view side by side on their monitor rather than opening multiple tabs.

  • Hi, is there any way to get the calculated column to align left, using this method? Thank you.

    • “Number” type columns are right aligned by default! If you want to make it left aligned, You can use jQuery (or you can edit the Form page with SPD!) . Here is the jQuery code:

      $(document).ready(function() {
      $(‘’).attr(‘align’, ‘left’);
      $(‘’).attr(‘align’, ‘left’);


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