How to Hide Quick Launch Bar in SharePoint 2013 / 2016?

How to hide SharePoint quick launch?
Want to remove the quick launch from SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016 sites, perhaps to see the home page in full width? How to hide a quick launch in SharePoint 2013? Well, to enable or disable Quick Launch through the SharePoint 2013 user interface, Go to:

  • Site Settings >>  Under Look and Feel, click Tree view.
  • To disable quick launch, Simply uncheck the “Display Quick Launch” check box. To enable it, just do the reverse.
    quick launch sharepoint 2013 remove

You can programmatically do the same with PowerShell as: $web.QuickLaunchEnabled = $false.

But wait! Although unchecking the “Display Quick Launch” check box hides the quick launch bar in SharePoint 2013, it leaves that space empty! So, let’s seek help from CSS to hide the quick launch of SharePoint 2013.

CSS to Hide quick launch in SharePoint 2016:

  • Navigate to your SharePoint site >> Click on Edit the page from the settings menu 
  • Click on Insert >> Add a script editor web part to a page.
  • Click EDIT SNIPPET and paste the below code in it:
    hide quick launch sharepoint 2013 css
/* hide quick launch SharePoint 2013 */
     display: none;

/* adjust position of content */
  • Click Insert and the quick launch will disappear now.
SharePoint 2013 has “Focus on Content” feature which highlights the Content area by hiding the quick Launch and Top link bar. This CSS is applicable for SharePoint Online as well!

Hide quick launch, Top link bar on a page in SharePoint 2013, 2016, SharePoint Online:
Here are the Ids of DIVs in SharePoint page layout:

remove quick launch bar sharepoint 2013
  • Quick Launch menu id: sideNavBox
  • Top Link Bar id: titleAreaBox
  • Content Area id: contentBox

So, to hide the desired section, use the IDs in your CSS appropriately.

Please note, these CSS codes hide quick launch in SharePoint 2013 on the page level. If your requirement is to hide the quick launch in SharePoint 2013 for the entire site, you got to make the same change in your master page or page layout (by default, its: seattle.master). Open your master page in SharePoint designer, insert the above code just below the <body> tag. Save and approve your master page.

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