How to Change Logo in SharePoint 2013?

As a branding initiative, The first thing people do to customize the SharePoint site is: change logos to their company logo. Here is how to change the logo in SharePoint 2013:

  1. Navigate to the Site Settings Page by clicking the “Site Settings” link from settings gear.
    sharepoint site logo change
  2. Under the “Look and Feel” section, click on the “Title, description, and icon” link. 
    sharepoint 2013 custom logo
  3. Select the logo either from your computer (When inserting from the computer, the logo will be upload to the “Site Assets” library.) or from any SharePoint library.
    sharepoint 2013 insert logo from computer
  4. Optionally, You can enter the Logo description. Click OK to apply your new logo. You can copy the logo file to each WFE, so that the logo will be retrieved from file system rather from a SharePoint library of a site collection

and the result of SharePoint 2013 change logo URL:

sharepoint 2013 add logo to site
Tips: Keep the logo background transparent so that it can match on any color theme!

That’s all!

SharePoint 2010 logo change
The same procedure applies to SharePoint 2010 also to set site logo.

sharepoint 2013 change logo

SharePoint 2013 change site logo programmatically
You can set: SiteLogoUrl property of the SPWeb Object to change the site logo programmatically in SharePoint. Here is how:

SPSite.RootWeb.SiteLogoUrl = “Logo-URL”; //such as:”/_layouts/15/images/CustomLogo.png” or “/sites/operations/siteassets/CustomLogo.png”

We set the Root Web’s logo property to inherit the site logo on all of its sub-sites.

SharePoint 2013 change logo for all sites
Out-of-the-box there is no shortcut, But these tricks will do: SharePoint 2013 default site logo URL is: “/_layouts/15/images/siteIcon.png”, for SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 logo location at: “/_layouts/images/siteIcon.png”. The “Images” folder is a virtual folder mapped to “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\IMAGES” in the SharePoint web front end servers.

sharepoint 2013 logo location

So, the trick is: Take a backup of the logo file “SiteIcon.png” and replace your logo with the same name! A much cleaner approach will be: Set logo using PowerShell.

Set SharePoint Logo URL using PowerShell
Let’s change the logo for all sites in the entire farm, including all subsites from all web applications.

Get-SPWebApplication | Get-SPSite -Limit ALL | Get-SPWeb -Limit ALL|  foreach { Write-host "Changing Logo for:" $_.Url; $_.SiteLogoUrl="/_layouts/images/your-logo.png"; $_.update() }

Read more at: SharePoint 2013 Change Site Logo Programmatically with PowerShell

SharePoint 2010 add a logo to feature:
You can pack and deploy your custom logo as part of the SharePoint solution package.

I changed the logo, but still getting the old logo. This could be because of the browser cache. Try hitting Control+F5 keys. Quick fix: Change the logo image file name in the 12/14/15 hive and run the PowerShell code to apply the new logo image!

Getting repeated authentication prompt after changing logo: Your logo file in 15 hive or library is not inheriting permissions. Go to the properties of the file and inherit permissions to fix this issue. This could also happen when the Logo file is stored in SharePoint libraries – Make sure users have read access at least! And it should be approved (if content approvals are enabled!), checked-in and published!

Web part Pages doesn’t display New Logo:
Well, its a known issue, and find the solution at: Fix Custom SharePoint 2010 Logo Missing in Web Part Pages

SharePoint 2010 logo not displaying
A SharePoint site logo is not displayed; instead, it gives a red x in the place of the logo. This happens when the SharePoint site logo path is not valid! Right-click on the broken site logo image, Copy-Paste the URL of the image, verify that the logo path is correct.

sharepoint 2013 logo not displaying red x

Make SharePoint logo link root site
By default, clicking the site logo takes us to the root of the current site. It’s possible to change the logo hyperlink. Here is how: Make SharePoint Site Logo Link Point to Root Site Collection

SharePoint 2010 master page logo
You can change the logo from SharePoint 2013 master page level as well. Locate the element: <SharePoint:SiteLogoImage>, and you can change the Logo Image URL attribute.

SharePoint2013 hide logo
To remove the logo from SharePoint 2013 sites, we can make it hidden with this style:

.s4-titlelogo > a > img{
visibility: hidden;

To remove any custom logo, simply clear the logo URL already set!

SharePoint logo size
The default size of the SharePoint 2013 logo is: 180×64 pixels. But SharePoint 2013 changes this size according to your logo size. Simply resize your SharePoint 2013 logo with Photoshop or any other relevant tool to increase logo size. To change logo size (width and height) in CSS, use this style:

.s4-titlelogo > img, .s4-titlelogo > a > img { width: 150px;height: 150px;}

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