How to Find a Feature ID in SharePoint using IE Developer Tools/Firebug?

Requirement: Need to get Feature ID of a particular feature to activate it programmatically.

Solution: We can find any feature's ID using Internet Explorer Developer Tools or with Firebug in Firefox. Here is how:
  • Go to your Site collection Manage Features page (either "Manage Site Features" or "Site Collection Features" E.g:
  • Press F12 key to activate IE developer Tools or Firebug console in Firefox.
  • With the select element - cursor tool from these debuggers, Locate "Deactivate" button of your target feature. Look at the code, You'll get the Feature ID from the DIV surrounding Input button element.
    how to find feature id in sharepoint
  • You should get the Feature ID from the "DIV ID" just above "Deactivate" button.
    get feature id in sharepoint 2010/2013
Once you get feature ID, You can activate/deactivate it programmatically or with PowerShell.

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