Edit Links Missing in SharePoint 2013 Navigation?

Edit Links is a new feature introduced in SharePoint 2013 to provide quick way to Add, Edit, Remove and Re-arrange links in quick launch and top navigation.  edit links not visible sharepoint 2013

Edit Links Missing in SharePoint 2013 Navigation? 
So, You are not getting Edit links in SharePoint 2013 navigation? Well, Check below factors:
  • Edit links available only on certain site templates such as: Team Site,  Publishing sites, Personal Site and Project site.
  • SharePoint 2013 edit links permission: You need to have "Edit "permission level at-least. For Contributors and Visitors SharePoint 2013 edit links is not available.
  • If your sub-site is inheriting navigation from Parent site, the link "Edit Links" in top navigation will not appear. To enable edit links SharePoint 2013 - Your site shouldn't inherit navigation from the parent site.edit links sharepoint 2013 missing
  • Its available only for "Structural Navigation" option under "Navigation Settings" on publishing sites.
  • You may have custom CSS deployed which hides "Edit Links"!
remove edit links from sharepoint 2013

How to remove edit links in SharePoint 2013?
Use this CSS in either at Master page or in Script/Content editor web parts to hide edit links in SharePoint 2013.
  display: none;
This disables edit links in SharePoint 2013.


  1. Excellent Article! Really Comprehensive!

  2. In case the site an incorrect site template was used, JavaScript is probably the only way round to sorting the menu, here is an example..

  3. >> Its available only for "Structural Navigation" option under "Navigation Settings" on publishing sites.

    This is incorrect, the option appears on publishing sites using Managed navigation as well.

  4. Site Settings > Navigation > Current Navigation Category > Switch to "Structural Navigation: Display only the navigation items below the current site"

    Worked perfectly for me. Went from no "Edit Links" option to having one on a parent site.


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