Edit Links Missing in SharePoint Navigation?

Edit Links is a new feature introduced in SharePoint 2013 to provide a quick way to Add, Edit, Remove and Re-arrange links in quick launch and top navigation.  edit links not visible sharepoint 2013

So, You are not getting Edit links in SharePoint 2013 navigation? Well, check the below factors:

  • Edit links available only on certain site templates such as Team Site,  Publishing sites, Personal Site, and Project site.
  • SharePoint 2013 edit links permission: You need to have an “Edit “permission level at-least. For Contributors and Visitors, SharePoint 2013 edit links are not available.
  • If your subsite is inheriting navigation from the parent site, the link “Edit Links” in the top navigation will not appear. To enable edit links SharePoint 2013 – Your site shouldn’t inherit navigation from the parent site.edit links sharepoint 2013 missing
  • It’s available only for the “Structural Navigation” option under “Navigation Settings” on publishing sites.
  • You may have custom CSS deployed which hides “Edit Links”!
remove edit links from sharepoint 2013

Use this CSS either on the Master page or in Script/Content editor web parts to hide edit links in SharePoint 2013.

  display: none;

This disables edit links in SharePoint.

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4 thoughts on “Edit Links Missing in SharePoint Navigation?

  • Site Settings > Navigation > Current Navigation Category > Switch to “Structural Navigation: Display only the navigation items below the current site”

    Worked perfectly for me. Went from no “Edit Links” option to having one on a parent site.

  • >> Its available only for “Structural Navigation” option under “Navigation Settings” on publishing sites.

    This is incorrect, the option appears on publishing sites using Managed navigation as well.

  • In case the site an incorrect site template was used, JavaScript is probably the only way round to sorting the menu, here is an example..

  • Excellent Article! Really Comprehensive!


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