How to Find Which SharePoint Web Server You are Hitting?

To troubleshoot an issue in the SharePoint environment, I had to figure out from which SharePoint server I’m getting the page response. How to check which SharePoint web front end is serving your requests? I found these two ways to determine which SharePoint WFE you are hitting:

  1. Using IIS HTTP Response header and Fiddler Tool
  2. Placing a specific image file in each WFE denoting its whereabouts and linking it to SharePoint

Method 1: Using HTTP Response Header

Set the HTTP Response Header in IIS:

  1. Go to your Web Front End server, Open IIS, choose your SharePoint web application from the Sites tree view. Open the “HTTP Response Headers” widget find sharepoint server address, sharepoint find server name
  2. From the Right pane of the widget, click on the “Add” link, give a name and value. Here, I gave “WFE” as a name and “WFE01” as my web front end name. Click “OK” to save your changes. Repeat this step of setting an HTTP response header in IIS for all of the web front-end servers of your SharePoint farm!how to determine which web server is serving your request
  3. Now, from the client-side, run the Fiddler tool. From the Fiddler tool, Go to the “Inspectors” tab and then the “Header” section. You can get the custom HTTP response header we’ve created with its corresponding value.
    How to Find Which SharePoint Server You are Hitting

Method 2: WFE Specific Image 

What if you don’t want to use tools like Fiddler? Well, you can just place an image depicting your web front end server name, link it to your SharePoint sites. E.g. Say, you have two web front end servers. Just make two different logo files of the same name, say: “WFE-Logo.png” and place each of them in corresponding web front end server location: “C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\IMAGES”. Here is mine:


Now, Go to any of your SharePoint sites, change your site logo point to: “/_layouts/15/images/wfe-logo.png” and at run time, it should fetch the corresponding image from the web server.

find the sharepoint server in the farm which is serving the requests

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  • I followed your instruction and added http response header to all the WFE servers. WFE doesnot show up in the fiddler header at all. Any idea?


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