SharePoint Error – Cannot complete this action. Please try again

Users get an “Error – Cannot complete this action. Please try again” error when trying to delete documents from the Context menu (But file gets deleted!). While deleting documents from SharePoint 2013 ribbon button “delete document” works without any issues, choosing “Delete” from the document’s context menu gives this error.

Cannot complete this action. Please try again Error in SharePoint

Also, while creating a new View or Modify view: when you hit the save button, you get: – in the URL with a blank page.


I tried bypassing the load balancer by logging into individual WFEs and verified that the above errors were not happening in both scenarios.

Temporary Fix: Disable the “Minimal Download Strategy” feature from site settings >> Manage site features page. 

disable minimum download strategy

Permanent fix:

Compared response headers from SharePoint WFEs and Load balancers using fiddler – Found load balancer response missing the response header “Accept-Encoding” field!

Update: You can find more info on this issue here:

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