Fix “This page can’t be displayed” “Internet Explorer Cannot Display This Page” Errors when Creating Web Application in SharePoint 2013

Web application creation process through SharePoint 2013 central administration site stopped in the middle with error messages “This page can’t be displayed”, “Internet Explorer Cannot Display This Page”!. However, I noticed that the IIS Web Sites, Application Pools, content databases are created! But there is no content inside the virtual directory in IIS. I couldn’t manage the web application through Central admin UI – So, the web application is in an unsupported state.

Internet Explorer 11 error message:

This page can't be displayed error on sharepoint 2013 web application creation

Internet Explorer 10 and below:

Internet explorer cannot display the webpage error on sharepoint 2010 web application creation

Root cause:
It usually occurs when your SharePoint server’s configuration is low and it’s performing poorly! You may be running the SharePoint server with the below-recommended hardware (CPU, Memory, Disk space).


To resolve the issue, increase the “Shutdown Time Limit” value of Central Administration’s Application Pool in IIS! Here is how:

  • Login to your SharePoint server which hosts Central Administration
  • Open IIS manager >> Expand the server name and click on Application Pools.
  • Locate the SharePoint Central Administration v4 application pool. Right-click on it and choose Advanced Settings.
  • In the Process Model section, set the Shutdown Time Limit to a greater value. E.g. 900.
  • Restart IIS.
In some cases, you may have to increase: Ping Maximum Response Time and Startup Time Limit properties too.

Deleted the corrupted Web Application, Application Pool from IIS before creating a new web application. Now, I’m able to create Web Applications without any issues! Microsoft KB addressing this issue:

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