Design Manager Missing in SharePoint 2013?

Design Manager is a new feature introduced in SharePoint Server 2013 publishing sites to manage branding. But you are not seeing "Design Manager" in SharePoint 2013? design manager link missing?
sharepoint design manager missing
Well, to enable design manager in SharePoint 2013, You got to activate "Publishing" Feature!
  • Go to "Site Settings" of your root site collection >> Click on "Site collection features" under site collection administration
  • Click on "Activate" button next to "SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure".
    sharepoint 2013 design manager not visible
  • Activate "SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure" from site features via "Site Setting" >> Click on "Manage site features" and activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure.
How to access design manager in SharePoint 2013
Above steps activates design manager. Now, You'll get design manager link in Site actions menu and in site settings page!
design manager sharepoint 2013 missing
Design Manager is not available in SharePoint Foundation, as the publishing feature is available only on SharePoint server!

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