Manage Access Request Settings in SharePoint 2013

Access request feature allows users to request access to sites and content. Access requests feature is improved in SharePoint 2013. Now, Administrators can keep a track of access requests.

Enable access request SharePoint 2013
Site owners can enable access requests in SharePoint. To configure access request settings in SharePoint 2013, navigate to: Go to
  • Settings >> Site Settings
  • Click the "Site permissions" link under "Users and permissions" section
  • Now, from the ribbon, Click on “Access Request Settings” button. You'll be prompted with the access request Settings popup window.sharepoint 2013 allow access request
  • Click on "Allow access request" option to enable access request and enter the E-mail address of the user who will receive access requests from that site.sharepoint 2013 access request email address
This allows access request in SharePoint 2013. You can change access request email or you may want to turn off access request at later point of time by visiting the same link.

Manage access request SharePoint 2013:
Here is how the process works:
When users who doesn't has access to this site will get "Let us know why you need access to this site" page where they can enter their request and submit.sharepoint 2013 turn off access request
Once request sent, site collection administrators can approve reject this request by opening “Access requests and invitations” link in site settings page. - This link is visible ONLY after someone sent access request!
access request sharepoint 2013
This page lists down all SharePoint 2013 access requests and invitations.
 sharepoint 2013 access request settings powershell
To approve or decline any requests, Just open the access request item, set the permissions for the user, and click on "Approve" or "Decline" button.

Once its approved/rejects, that entry removed from access request queue and moved to access request history.  SharePoint keeps track of the access requests and replies as a conversation under access request history.
sharepoint 2013 approve access request
Enable access request in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell:
To allow access request in SharePoint 2013, on entire site collection, here is the PowerShell script.
Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.Powershell

#Set the site URL variable accordingly!
$SiteURL = ""

$site = Get-SPSite $SiteURL

    ForEach ($web in $site.AllWebs | where { $_.Permissions.Inherited -eq $false})
                #sharepoint 2013 access request settings powershell
                $web.RequestAccessEmail="[email protected]"
                write-host Updated Access request settings for $web.Title, at: $web.URL 
This script can be slightly changed and used for setting access request configuration for all sites in the entire web application.

Disable Access Requests for all sites in the web application:
Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

$WebAppURL =""

#Get all sites
$WebsColl = Get-SPWebApplication $WebAppURL | Get-SPSite -Limit All | Get-SPWeb -Limit All

ForEach ($web in $WebsColl)
        if($web.RequestAccessEnabled -and $web.Permissions.Inherited -eq $false)
            #Disable access request
            write-host "Access request disabled at site:"$web.URL

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  1. Hi Salaudeen, how do I change the subject and body of the SharePoint Request Email?
    Thank you

    1. There is no OOTB ways, other than building your own custom page and deploy it!

  2. Hi
    am site collection admin how to enable all the requests in all sub sites come to me

    1. Use the PowerShell script given above. Set: $web.RequestAccessEmail to your E-mail

  3. Hi salaudeen, By default it is taking "Edit" permission. is there any way to choose "read" as default?

  4. Hi salaudeen, i want to disable manage access request option global.i tired by disabling manage access request option at root site level.but whenever i create any sub site.again i'm getting manage access request enable.could you please suggest on this

  5. Hi Salaudeen,
    I have a custom Site Template attached to my EPT. After creating a project and subsequent Project Site, the Access Request Email is populated with "[email protected]". I've tried everything to configure this email to be populated with something else (for example: the Project Owners email) but nothing works. Do you know how to configure the Access Request Email address for a custom site Template?

  6. I need to change the owner who gets the notification for pending request. I changed in the access request setting still the old user gets the notification.After removing the old user from the SCA, his permissions still shows full control and the mails goes to him.How can I change that. Its happening in sharepoint online.

  7. Hi, can we add multiple email addresses in Access Request Settings field?


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