The installation of this package failed - Error in SharePoint 2013 Hotfix Installation

During a planned quarterly maintenance window, wanted to patch SharePoint 2013 servers with available hot fixes and cumulative updates (CU). As the first step, From Microsoft site, requested hot fixes, Received an E-mail with hot fix links, downloaded those hot fixes and extracted to individual folders as in the below screen.
sharepoint cu the installation of this package failed
When trying to patch SharePoint 2013 servers with those hot fixes, installation failed suddenly with an error "The installation of this package failed".
sharepoint 2013 cu the installation of this package failed
Navigated to "%Tmp%" location and tried catching the root cause of the failure from the log file generated "opatchinstall.txt". Found these lines while scanning through the log file: "Getting the data from file <path location>"
the installation of this package failed sharepoint foundation 2013
So, the catch here is, Hot fix installer is looking for "" file which we extracted into a different folder, and fails since it couldn't locate that file on the same folder it exists.

Solution is simple! Just place all three extracted files together in the same folder and re-run the hot fix installation. It went through well after moving cab files in to the same folder where the hot fix installer ubersrv.exe was placed.
sharepoint 2013 service pack the installation of this package failed
Other cases:
  • In case, You cancelled the installation during patching, there are chances of the SharePoint binaries get corrupted! Repair SharePoint to fix the problem and then Re-run the installer.
  • Try download the patch again from Microsoft Technet site and try again. It could happen due to corrupted file 
  • Make sure you downloaded all the cab files along with the installer executable file ( & and placed all of them in a same directory!
  • Try Extracting the Installer (E.g. Setup.exe /extract:c:\Installer\) and then start the installation.

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