Open a Page in Popup Modal Dialog Window in SharePoint 2013

Requirement: Open a page in the Modal Popup window in a SharePoint 2013 web site.

JavaScript to open popup in sharepoint 2013


The requirement is to open the “Terms and Conditions” page in a popup window on clicking the link. Used this HTML code to open a page in a modal popup window in SharePoint 2013:

<a href="#" onclick="OpenPopUpPageWithTitle('', null, 600, 600,'Terms & Conditions')"/> Terms and Conditions </a>

and here is the result:
SharePoint 2013 open page in popup

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3 thoughts on “Open a Page in Popup Modal Dialog Window in SharePoint 2013

  • 1) Where the title Terms & Conditions appears, I have nothing, 2) right below that space I have a line across the page. Is there a parameter to just remove the title space?

  • $(“#s4-ribbonrow”).hide();

  • is thee a way to remove the ribbon when using this in SharePoint 2013?


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