Hide “Focus on Content” Full Screen Button in SharePoint 2013

Requirement: Hide the “Focus on Content” button in SharePoint 2013!

As the name suggests, the Focus on the content button in SharePoint 2013 removes left & top navigation and lets you focus on the site content once you click on it. In case you want to remove that button, here is the trick:

sharepoint 2013 remove focus on content full screen button

Solution to hide “Focus on content” button in SharePoint 2013

Hiding focus on content in SharePoint 2013 can be done with CSS. Simply follow these steps to hide focus on content in SharePoint 2013: Go to your target page, Edit and Add a script editor web part, insert the below CSS in it.


You can also place the above CSS code in your Master page to hide the focus on content button in SharePoint 2013. This CSS works for SharePoint 2016 as well.

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One thought on “Hide “Focus on Content” Full Screen Button in SharePoint 2013

  • This only hides the box but it does not default it to not showing.


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