Increase SharePoint 2013 Lookup Column Width

Requirement: Increase SharePoint 2013 multi-lookup field width

Solution: Use CSS styles to set lookup field width in SharePoint! Here is how:

  • Navigate to:
  • Click on “Site Settings” gear >> Edit Page
  • Click on the “Add Web Part” link and then choose “Script Editor “from the “Media and Content” group
  • Click on “Edit Snippet” link script editor and paste the below CSS in it. Save and close the page.
.ms-formtable {
    width:600px !important;

.ms-formtable .ms-input>select {
    width:300px !important;


sharepoint lookup column width

sharepoint multi lookup field width

Salaudeen Rajack

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6 thoughts on “Increase SharePoint 2013 Lookup Column Width

  • Just what I needed. Your code worked like magic. Thank you

  • Note there is one typo in your code snipper,

    The line:
    .ms-formtable .ms-input>select {
    should be:
    .ms-formtable .ms-input select {

  • thank you for this! ive been searching for DAYS! you are awesome!

  • This solution worked for me. Thanks so much.


  • Hi!
    For me this solution works on some forms and on some it doesn’t. Ideas why?

  • Good morning I attempted this solution and it is not working for me.

    Can you please provide more detail?


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