Get All Site Collections Size (Storage Used, Allocated), Owners, Database Details with STSADM

Do you know the STSADM command line tool can do this still in SharePoint 2013? Yes! it can get you the quick peek view of all site collections in the given web application. It gets you details such as:
  • Storage space allocated - Storage used, warning and maximum levels
  • Site collection GUIDs
  • Site collection database names
  • Primary and Secondary Owners
Simply trigger command line and run: 
Stsadm -o EnumSites -url http://Sharepoint-web-app-URL 
Get Site Collection Inventory with STSADM

This command line retrieves all details as listed above in XML format. Lets export that XML to a file and get it in Excel for better analysis. Run:
Stsadm -o EnumSites -url http://Sharepoint-web-app-URL > SitesInfo.xml 

Once completed, Open the XML file in Microsoft Excel, choose "As an XML Table"
and you should get the table as below:

PowerShell script to get site collection size: How to check site collection size in SharePoint 2013 with PowerShell


  1. What is the location of this xml which gets generated upon using STSADM command

    1. On the current directory! Here in my example, its: c:\users\salaudeen\desktop


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