Create List from Custom List Template in SharePoint using PowerShell

Requirement: Create a SharePoint list from a custom template using PowerShell

How to create SharePoint list from a template?
List templates in SharePoint saves your time by providing template on any existing list or library, which comprises of all columns and optionally the data from the source list. You can create any number of copies from the template (or source list copy)

Assuming you have an existing list template in the site, Here is how to create a list from list template in SharePoint.
  • Navigate to SharePoint site >> Click on Settings gear icon and click "Add an app"
  • In "Find an App" search box, enter your list template name such as "Project template". You can also Scroll down and use the pagination to move to the next page (custom list templates will be in second page!) and pick your list template.
  • Click on the custom list template shown
    sharepoint create list from template powershell
  • Provide a name for your new list and click on "OK"
  • You will see a new list created with same list schema, and also data if you selected “Include Content” when creating the list template originally.

PowerShell script to create a SharePoint list from list template:
Lets create a list using template in SharePoint with PowerShell.
Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell –ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

Function Create-ListFromTemplate($WebURL, $ListName, $TemplateName)
    #Get the Web from URL
    $Web = Get-SPWeb $WebURL

    #Get the Specific list template
    $Template = $$Web) | where {$_.InternalName -match $TemplateName }

    #Check if given template name exists!
    if($Template -eq $null)
        Write-host "Specified list template not found!" -f Red

    #Create list using template in sharepoint 2013
    $web.Lists.Add($ListName, $ListName, $Template)
    Write-host "New List Created from Custom List template" -f DarkGreen 


#Call the function to create list from template
Create-ListFromTemplate $WebURL $ListName $ListTemplateName
This script creates list from template (.stp) in SharePoint.
create custom list from template sharepoint

Here is my another post for SharePoint Online on creating list from custom list template: SharePoint Online: Create List from Template using PowerShell

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