Delete Web application using PowerShell in SharePoint 2013

To delete SharePoint Web application using PowerShell use this cmdlet:

Delete Web Application and All its zones:
#Web Application URL to delete

#sharepoint 2013 powershell delete web application
Remove-SPWebApplication -identity $WebAppURL -Confirm
This deletes the entire Web application and its all zones:

Remove Web Application Along with All its Databases and IIS Web Site:
To remove the Web application along with its content databases and the IIS Web site, use the switches: -DeleteIISSite and -RemoveContentDatabases
#Web Application URL to delete

#Remove the web application and its databases & IIS Web Application
Remove-SPWebApplication -identity $WebAppURL -Confirm -DeleteIISSite -RemoveContentDatabases
delete sharepoint web application using powershell

Delete the Extended Web Application zone:
To Removes the Extended Web Application zone, say: Internet, use:
#Web Application URL to delete

#sharepoint 2013 powershell delete web app
Get-SPWebApplication http://sitename | Remove-SPWebApplication -Zone "Internet" -Confirm
Make sure you logged in as a "Farm Administrator" with "Shell Access" rights to delete web applications using PowerShell


  1. Great guide and easy to follow! Thank you so much!

  2. Hi, If i'm specifying the "Zone", but still in the confirm message, the name of the zone is the default one, how can I aim to the correct one (Custom)...


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