Enable Anonymous Users to Add New List Items in SharePoint

Problem: We enabled anonymous users to add list items in a SharePoint list, but add items greyed out for Anonymous access users!


By default, Add/Edit/Edit access is disabled for anonymous users, and they are granted only with “Read” access. But for a “Contact Us / Feedback” list in our public SharePoint site, we had to enable the anonymous users to submit their questions and feedback (add new list items). 

sharepoint 2013 anonymous access add items greyed out

So, How to enable Anonymous users to add list items in SharePoint? Follow these steps:

  • Go to the list settings >> Permissions for this list
  • Click on “Stop Inheriting Permissions” from the Permissions tab of the Ribbon. 
  • You’ll see the “Anonymous Access” Icon appearing on the ribbon. Click on that.
  • Enable “Add Items – Add Items to lists” check box and click “Ok”
     sharepoint 2013 anonymous access add items
  • Here is the result in action
     sharepoint anonymous access add list item

Now, anonymous access users can add list items in SharePoint!

Salaudeen Rajack

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2 thoughts on “Enable Anonymous Users to Add New List Items in SharePoint

  • While ananymous user adding item to the list, I get security validation error. How can I get rid of this error?


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