Getting Login Prompt on Anonymous Access Enabled SharePoint Sites?

Problem: We Enabled anonymous access to SharePoint 2013, But still, users are getting Login prompts!


Here is the checklist for troubleshooting:

  1. Anonymous access must be turned on both at the Web Application level and at the SharePoint site level. Double-check your settings with How to Enable Anonymous Access in SharePoint 2013 
  2. On publishing sites, try disabling the feature “Limited-access user permission lockdown mode” at the site collection level.
    sharepoint anonymous access prompt login
  3.  If the default home page, say default.aspx page is not published & approved, users get a login prompt!
  4. If any referenced resources like images, scripts, CSS files, etc from other libraries require authentication – You’ll get an authentication prompt! E.g. You may have a CSS style sheet from a library, which may not allow anonymous access! Check the permission for the specific library and grant anonymous users to “read” the content.
  5. Navigate to the IIS Virtual directory on the File system using Windows Explorer, Go to the Security tab, make sure that “Everyone” has Read privileges. If not, add it!
  6. In IIS, expand your web application, click on “Authentications”, make sure “Anonymous Authentication” is enabled.
    sharepoint anonymous access prompt for login
  7. In SharePoint 2013 Central Administration >> Application Management >> Manage Web applications, select the web application and click on “Anonymous Policy”. Make sure that “None – No Policy” is selected.
  8. If you enabled Anonymous access at list/library level: Delete unique permissions once, stop inheriting permissions and then grant anonymous access again.

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