Set Default Value for Hyperlink or Picture Column in SharePoint

Requirement: Set Default value for Hyperlink or Picture Column in SharePoint List

There is no provision for specifying default value in Hyperlink or Picture type columns in SharePoint! In some scenarios, we may want to specify SharePoint 2010/2013 hyperlink column default value. But there is no option in SharePoint web UI to enter hyperlink field default value!
set sharepoint hyperlink field default value

How to set the default value for Hyperlink or Picture Field in SharePoint? :
We can set SharePoint hyperlink column default value with PowerShell! Use this PowerShell script to specify default value for hyperlink or picture type fields.
Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell –ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

$ListName="Proposal Documents"
$ColumnName="Reference URL"

#Get the Web
$web = Get-SPWeb $WebURL
#Get the List
$list = $web.Lists.TryGetList($ListName)
If($list -ne $null)
 #Get the column
 $column = $list.Fields[$ColumnName]

 if($column -ne $null)
     #Set Default Value
     $column.DefaultValue = $DefaultValue
     Write-Host " Default value set for the column!" 

Here is the output for SharePoint 2013 list hyperlink default value specified programmatically:
 sharepoint 2013 hyperlink column default value


  1. Hi Rajack,
    Where do you incorporate the PowerShell Script?


    1. Run the script in PowerShell ISE from any of your SharePoint On-Premises WFE!

  2. How to set format url is Picture instead of Hyperlink using server side powershell?

  3. How do I update, the description

    1. $column.Description = "Field Description Goes here"


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