Configuring Visio Graphics Service Application in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell

Visio diagrams are a wonderful way to express ideas, simplify complex topologies, illustrate the process flow, etc. With Visio Services in SharePoint 2013, you can publish Visio diagrams in SharePoint so that they can be shared and viewed online without installing the Visio application on client computers.

Configuring Visio Services in SharePoint 2013

Provisioning Visio services is straightforward. Head on to SharePoint 2013 Central Administration site, Application Management >> Service Applications >> Manage Service Applications >> Click on “New” and choose “Visio Graphics Services”.

Visio Graphics services available only in SharePoint 2010/2013 Enterprise Edition! Make sure “SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features” is activated both at site collection level and site level.
Visio Graphics service application in SharePoint 2013

Fill out the form with the Service application name, choose the Service application pool, and other details. Click on “OK” to complete the creation of Visio service application.

Configuring Visio Services in SharePoint 2013
SharePoint 2010 allowed only .VDW Visio drawing files to be published to SharePoint. With SharePoint 2013 you can also publish .vsdx files directly!

Create Visio Graphics Service in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell:

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.Powershell -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

#Start the service instance
Get-SPServiceInstance | Where{$_.TypeName -like '*Visio*'} | Start-SPServiceInstance

#Create new Service Application Pool
New-SPServiceApplicationPool -Name "Visio Services" -Account "Crescent\SPS_Services" 

#To Re-use any existing App Pool, use: $ServiceAppPool = Get-SPServiceApplicationPool "Service Application Pool"

#Create Visio Service Application
$VisioServiceApp = New-SPVisioServiceApplication -ApplicationPool "Visio Services" -Name "Visio Service Application"

#Create Service Application Proxy
New-SPVisioServiceApplicationProxy -ServiceApplication "Visio Service Application" -Name "Visio Service Application Proxy" 

To confirm everything is up and running, Go to the “Services on Server” page in the SharePoint 2013 Central Administration and make sure “Visio Graphics Service” is marked as started, and under the Service Applications list, “Visio Graphics Service Application” is listed.

SharePoint 2013 Visio service application:

 sharepoint 2013 configure visio services

SharePoint 2013 Visio unattended service account:

If your Visio diagram uses data connectivity, You must create an application id under secure store services for Visio graphics services unattended operations.

Grant permissions to Visio Service account on All web applications

Make sure the service account you used for the Visio graphics service application is granted with DBO access to all content databases of all web applications in order to render the Visio web drawing. 

#Visio service Account
$VisioServiceAccount = "Crescent\VisioAppPoolAccount"

#Iterate through All Web Application
Get-SPWebApplication | Foreach-Object {
  #Grant access to each web app    

How to Publish Visio Files in SharePoint 2013?
Upload your Visio drawings (either VDW or VSDX) to any SharePoint Library. SharePoint 2013 should render the Visio file in the browser!

sharepoint visio graphics service application

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